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Destiny Etiko Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Movies, Siblings, Boyfriend, Child, Family, Phone Number Cars and Houses (2022).


Who is Destiny Etiko?

Destiny Etiko is a famous Nigerian actress best known for characterizing Ekemma in the movie Idemili. Her talent for acting attained her a nomination for Best Promising Actress at City People Entertainment Awards. 

Quick facts about Destiny Etiko.

Full Name:    Destiny Etiko

Born:    12 August 1989 (age 33 years old)

Place of Birth:    Enugu, Nigeria

State Of Origin:    Enugu State

Nationality:    Nigerian

Height:    1.70 m

Parents:    John Anonde Etiko

Siblings:    Sopuru Etiko

Husband • Spouse:    Not Married

Boyfriend • Partner:    Success John (rum.)

Children:    Anibueze Eucharia

Occupation:    Actress • TV Personality

Net Worth:    US$1 million

Destiny Etiko’s Biography.

Curvy Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko, who was born on August 12, 1989, is well-known in the Nigeria’s film industry.

She became well-known after starring in the acclaimed Nigerian movie Idemili. A 2014 Nollywood film called Idemili inspects the magic and beliefs of the Igbo people.

The name of the movie, which was directed by Ernest Obi and made by Onye-Eze Productions, was inspired by the town of Idemili in the Anambra State.

Destiny Etiko’s Early life.

On August 12, 1989, in the well-known village of Udi in Nigeria’s Enugu State, Destiny Etiko was born. On May 15, 2020, her father, Mr. John Anonde Etiko, passed away. The media has not been given her mother’s name.

She was the second of five children, three boys and two girls, who were born and raised in Udi. Sopuru Etiko is the name of one of her brothers.

Destiny Etiko’s Education Background.

In her early years, Destiny Etiko attended Zik Avenue Primary School in Enugu State for her nursery and foundational education. At Queens School, she finished her secondary studies and obtained all the necessary diplomas. 

In Awka, Anambra, she finished her postsecondary studies.

In 2012, she graduated with a bachelor’s in theater arts from Nnamdi Azikiwe University. The talented actress finished her schooling in Nigeria before starting her acting career. Destiny Etiko stated that she was motivated to perform by her mother, who is following in her footsteps. Destiny Etiko’s mother’s name was unknown prior to dwindling media attention at the time of this publication.

If Destiny Etiko’s mother was an actress in the past, it is impossible to say for sure. She said in an interview that she did not want to do the same error as her mother, who gave up performing to start a family. Her mother wholeheartedly agreed with her choice, but her father, Mr. John Anonde Etiko, did not.

Because Destiny prioritizes her job over her family, he was worried that his daughter wouldn’t be able to juggle performing and starting a family. On May 15, 2020, Destiny Etiko will sadly come to an end.

Destiny Etiko’s Career.

The 2014 film “Idemili,” which Ernest Obi, an accomplished director, directed, became a financial success. In the “City People Entertainment Awards,” Destiny was up for “Best Promising Actress.” She gained notoriety as a result of the nomination, which helped her get important acting parts. 

Destiny was cast in a number of movies after the success of “Idemili,” including “Black Xmas,” “More Trouble,” “After Wawa,” “Enuma,” “School Trouble,” etc. 

She is currently one of Nollywood’s most well-liked actors. She has shared the screen with a number of well-known Nollywood actors, including Mercy Johnson, Patience Ozokwor, John Okafor, and Ken Erics. 

She has also received a few honors, including the “Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award” for “Best New Actress” and the “Golden Icon Movie Academy Award” for “Best Actress in a Supporting Role.”

Destiny Etiko’s Net worth.

One of the richest and most powerful actresses in Nigerian cinema, Destiny Etiko has a net worth estimated at $1 million. 

DEF, or the Destiny Etiko Foundation, is the nonprofit organization she founded to aid the less fortunate.

Destiny Etiko’s Personal life.

Destiny is a courageous and self-assured woman. She frequently talks about crucial and contentious issues including sexual harassment in the workplace and the casting couch. 

She had the guts to declare in one of her interviews that she, too, had been a victim. Destiny does not want to make the same mistakes as her mother, an actress who gave up her career to support her family. 

She would rather get married to someone who shares her passion for acting. No matter what, she won’t give up on her career. Despite her father’s disapproval of her decision, she has her mother’s full support. 

At first, he worried that his daughter could find it difficult to continue acting after getting married. He was, however, persuaded by her audacity and bravery and agreed with his daughter’s choice. There is a sizable fan base for Destiny in Nigeria. She is also well-known on social media, as evidenced by the more than 550,000 followers she currently has on Instagram.

Destiny Etiko’s Age.

In 1989, the actress was born. On August 12th, she celebrates her birthday. She is 31 years old as of right now.

Destiny Etiko’s Awards & Nominations

Film actress Destiny Etiko is well-known and has won various accolades. She has won various honors, including the “Golden Icon Movie Academy Award” for “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” and the “Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice” award for “Best New Actress.”

Destiny Etiko’s Movies.

  • 3 Days to Wed
  • Barren Kingdom 
  • Clap of Royalty 
  • Evil Seekers 
  • Family Yoke 
  • Fear of a Woman 
  • Heart of Love 
  • Idemili 
  • King’s Word 
  • My Private Part
  • My Sister’s Love 
  • London Prince 
  • Pains of the Orphan 
  • Poor Billionaire 
  • Power of Royalty 
  • Sunset of Love 
  • Sound of Evil 
  • Tears of Regret 
  • The Prince & I 
  • The Sacred Cowry
  • The Storm 
  • The Return of Ezendiala
  •  The Hidden Sin
  •  The Queen of Love 
  • Woman of Power.

Destiny Etiko’s Phone Number.

Not available. 

Destiny Etiko’s Cars.

Not available.

Destiny Etiko’s Houses.

Not available.

Destiny Etiko’s Sex Videos.

Not available.

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