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Gloria Ibru Biography, Net Worth, Birthdate, Age, Career, Songs, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Life, Cars and Houses (2022).


Who is Gloria Ibru?

Gloria ibru is a Nigerian based singer, she started her music career almost 15 years back.

Gloria Ibru Early Life.

Gloria Ibru was born on 10th of March, 1965 in Lagos.

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Gloria Ibru Education Background. 

Gloria Ibru graduated in college when she was 21 years old. Gloria Ibru did her Youth Service from 1987-88. She determined to put a team together because so many times teams failed her, they have been on together for 22 years.

There are so many bands in the country and Lagos; they live in Lagos, but they have played in some major cities of the country —Port Harcourt and Calabar.

Gloria ibru did Calabar Carnival for five years when Donald Duke was a governor.

Gloria Ibru Net Worth

Gloria Ibru estimated net worth is around US$30k-US$50k as of 2022. She is among the Nigerians richest musician in 2022.

Gloria Ibru Boyfriend. 

Gloria Ibru was allegedly to have boyfriend according to rumors.

Gloria Ibru Cars.

Gloria Ibru have some luxurious cars like Benz, Camry and so on.

Gloria Ibru Houses.

Gloria Ibru have some houses in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

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