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Blake Anderson Hanley Biography, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Wife, Girlfriend, Children, Family, Cars and Houses (2022).


Who is Blake Anderson Hanley?

Blake Anderson Hanley is a musician and producer from the United States, Blake Anderson Hanley is perhaps best known for being the husband of Emily Wickersham, an internationally renowned actress best known for her recurring roles on the hit television police drama “NCIS,” in which she has played Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop since 2013. The frontman of the musical group Ghost Lion, most known for the song and corresponding music video “Wrong Guy,” is Blake Anderson Hanley.

Blake Anderson Hanley Early Life

Although Blake Anderson Hanley’s precise birthday has never been made public, it is known that he was born in Palm Beach, Florida, in the United States. The public is also not aware of any other information regarding his family history, other than the fact that his father is Daniel Hanley, a former Australian rules football player who played for Essendon in the Victorian Football League. Blake has American citizenship and is a white person, in addition to being clearly of Australian ancestry on his father’s side. His educational background’s specifics have not yet been made public.

Blake Anderson Hanley Career.

Blake entered the music industry when, together with guitarist Enrique Lara, he started the Kin Cayo tropical post-punk indie pop/rock band on August 1, 2016. Later, when Chris Kapica on keyboards and Mike Torres on bass guitar joined the group, the duo became a four-piece ensemble, and their name was changed to Ghost Lion. Dim Echo, their first EP, was released in November 2016.

The trio of single tracks “Broken Glass,” “Way Up,” and “Wolves” that the band fronted by Blake Anderson Hanley released over the course of the following few months received positive reviews from fans. Their songs and lyrics, which also had a lively and “beachy” vibe full of positive energy, discussed moving from darkness to light as well as love and friendship.

“Shot the Sun Down,” a song by Blake and his Ghost Lion band that uses a snappy and upbeat tune to accompany lyrics about independence, willpower, and ideals, was published in January 2017. This was followed by the publication of another EP, “Ballad of St. Panama,” which had four tracks, including “Wrong Guy,” which was also made into a music video with the same name.

Follow Ghost Lion on their official profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you’re interested in learning more about the band and their music. Additionally, their music is available on well-known streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. However, the best option is to attend one of their regular live performances at the Mid City Yacht Club in Los Angeles, California.

Blake Anderson Hanley Net Worth

Blake Hanley has had a tremendous degree of success through his job in the music industry, which has greatly increased his income. It is assumed that Henley has a total net worth of more than $6 million. According to estimates, Emily Wickersham is worth about $4 million. Both professionally and financially, the couple has had enormous success, and their marriage has been lavishly blessed. 

He has a vintage 1976 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC, which is regarded as one of his most prized possessions. According to a conservative estimate, it is worth at least $10,000. That is the total amount of riches that he was able to accumulate thanks to the support of his wife Emily and his successful career as a musician.

Blake Anderson Hanley Personal Life

On the television show Late Show with David Letterman in 2006, Emily made her professional debut in the character of Jules. The same year, Emily performed Kate in the Gardener of Eden stage show.

Wickersham has made a total of four appearances as the recurring character Rhiannon Flammer in the crime thriller television series The Sopranos.

She was cast in a number of parts, including Maria Benetto Lang in Mitch Albom’s For One More Day and Suzy Steinbrenner in The Bronx Is Burning and The Gamekillers.

Both the television movie Taking Chance and the American movie How I Got Lost, both of which were released in the country in 2009, featured Emily in the roles of Taylor and Kelley Phelps, respectively.

Blake Anderson Hanley and Emily Wickersham.

Well, Blake and Emily Wickersham have been marry since 2010. The specifics of how they first connected and got started dating are still unknown. In addition to starring in the aforementioned TV series “NCIS,” Emily Kaiser Wickersham, an American actress, was born on April 26, 1984, in Kansas, USA. She has appeared in a number of other well-known TV shows, such as “The Sopranos” and “The Bridge,” as well as films like “Definitely, Maybe” (2008), “Remember Me” (2010), “I Am Number Four” (2011), and the 2015 comedy-drama film “Glitch,” to name a few.

In front of 150 of their closest friends and family members, the couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony on Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys on November 23, 2010, but just four days later, they planned a sizable wedding celebration at the Palm Beach Bath & Tennis Club. Blake Anderson Hanley and Emily Wickersham, who are now residents of Los Angeles, California, have not yet welcomed any children. Is it safe to assume that they are a happy couple if there are no reports of their extramarital affairs? Even though there was a rumor that the pair got divorced in 2018, neither of them has verified it.

Blake Anderson Hanley Measurements, Height and Age.

Blake is currently 38 years old as of this day, having been born on March 2, 1984. He measured 165 centimeters, or 5 feet, 5 inches, tall, and weighed 143 pounds on the scale and 65 kilograms on the gram scale.

Blake Anderson Hanley Wife/Girlfriend.

The beliefs say that Blake Hanley and Emily Wickersham have been close friends for a very long time. The couple exchanged vows and became husband and wife on November 23, 2010, during a ceremony on Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys. 

The majority of the 150 guests were members of their families or friends, and there were a few other people there as well.

The famous couple has been spending all of their time together and having a blast ever since. The claim that either of them has had a connection outside of their current marriage is unsupported by any evidence, and there are no tales or rumors that one of them has engaged in extramarital relations. 

However, in 2018, it was widely reported that they had split up; however, as there was no proof to back up this assertion, it was quickly disproved when it surfaced.

People frequently ask about their children, their names, and whether they are related to them when they learn how long a musician and his actress wife have been married.

Actor’s mother or musician’s father. When the time is right, we’ll be happy to respond, but as of right now, we don’t have any information because they haven’t had any biological or adopted children.

Blake Anderson Hanley Cars.

He has a vintage 1976 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC and others.

Blake Anderson Hanley Houses

Not yet available. 

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